Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Banana Trunk Core Light


This Investigatory Project aims to prepare and also to make a candle from '' Banana Trunk Core '', we know that the Banana is a kind of tropical fruit that we can see anywhere.This Investigatory encourage us to make candle as an alternative products.


We would like to thank to the following person that are help us to start and to finish this Investigatory Project, including the following.To our Almighty God that give us strength and knowledge to explain the main idea of this Investigatory.To our all teacher that shares their knowledge and ideas,especially the English Teachers.To our parents and relatives that supplies all our needs, including the financial needs to buy the materials needed.To our friends that are willing to give ideas about this Investigatory.


In our modern generation, many people in our country used candle, especially when it brown-out or black-out. It gives bright and light when it is dark, that we can use in doing our school activities and other primary activities.Therefore, we are hardly research to make candle from Banana Trunk, can help us and other people suffer from black-out. And we can also earn and save money.

Background of the study

A large herbaceous plant growing 10-20 feet high.Cultivated in tropical climate.A main stem or stock of a tree,main stem of banana where we can found its core.The central of innermost part of a thing or fruit.It is usually use when there is brown- out use as an alternative source of light.

Statement of the problem

This Investigatory Project aims to answer how to make a candle from Banana trunk core.specifically it aims to answer the following;

1.Determine the materials needed in making a candle.
2.Test if the candle is effective.
3.Compare home made candle to commercial candle.

Significance of the study

The Investigatory Project is significant because if made correctly and properly we can produce a source of candle.The materials needed necessary found in locality, so the cost and expenses of production will be cheaper.The study will benefit from the people suffering from brown-out,especially the students `who are doing their homework,activities and projects.

Scope and Delimitation

This study is limit to Banana trunk as source of light.

Definition of terms

Banana- A large Herbaceous plant( Musa Paradisiaca Saplenthum) growing 10-20 feet high. Cultivated in tropical climates for its edible pulpy which grows in long pendant clusters.

Trunk- The main stem or stock of a tree,as distinguish from its branches to roots.

Candle- A cylinder of tallow wax or other solid fat, containing a wick to give when burning, anything like a candle in shape or purpose.A cylindrical container which ignited emits a cloud or smoke or gas.

Core- The central or innermost part of a thing or fruit.The solid form placed in mold about which metal is poured, so as to be cast hallow.

Casting-Any substances or materials, usually made from metal or plastics, cast in a mold.

Related Literature

According to the Internet,candle became a skill in making things especially with the hands in Britain and Mongolia about 800 at 900. Many settlers in Britain made their own candle. They did by the use of casting and materials wick to give light when burning, a soft artificial light.

a.) Materials| Equipment| Ingredients

Banana Trunk
Chopping Board
1/2 bottle of alcohol
Banana Trunk Core

b.) Treatment/General Procedure

a.) First, get the trunk part of the Banana plant
b.) Next, cut it horizontally into three
c.) Then, get the main core of banana trunk
d.)Put it into a casting or molder.

Result and Discussion

a.) Findings

It has been founded that we can make a candle from the Banana Trunk Core.

b.) Analysis of Data



Our group founded out that the candle we made is able effectively.


Rodelyn Espina said...

can you give me a picture of your finished product?thank you

Rodelyn Espina said...

can you give me a picture of your finished product?thank you

ariesanimosity azores said...

can we see your finish product? are those really the ingredients needed? where can we buy that wick?

Franz Nagar said...

What kind of alcohol is that?